A Tech-a-thon is a competitive event where an IT project must be completed in a short time frame. Participants include computer programmers and others involved in software development, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts and others.

Participants collaborate and create a solution to an existing problem using technology. Those participating will work with like-minded individuals and create new technologies and applications using code from different sources to achieve the goal in an event that generally only last from 16 to 24 hours or take place over a weekend.

Apart from the competition aspect, Tech-a-thons also host workshops, guest speakers, and connect participants with seasoned mentors.

Not only do participants get the satisfaction of creating a useful product during the Tech-a-thon, but once the time runs out all participants come together and present their creations to a panel of judges. The judges then vote and determine the winners. Often large companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft or Bloomberg will sponsor the event and give away some great prizes.

For anyone looking to enter the tech field, participating in a Tech-a-thon can be a great learning experience and offers a unique opportunity to build a powerful network.

Whether it’s for project collaboration, finding a mentor or even potential employers, Tech-a-thon are a great place to make connections that could pay dividends in the future.





Design IT solutions for companies in need of innovative talent.


Recruit individiuals who have aquired IT talent, are well versed in technology and posses tenacity to get the job done.


1. Sponsor a Tech-a-thon Event

2. Secure program and company sponsors

3. Invite students from local Universities & Community/Junior Colleges with IT programs to compete.

4. Create mentoring, internship, employment and business development opportunities for participants.

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