Welcome to D. Samuels & Associates Construction Resource Center (CRC)! The CRC goes beyond the “plan room,” by providing a contractor-friendly and accessible base from which businesses can prosper and succeed. The CRC will provide a “one stop” location for contractors and suppliers to receive the following:


Project Management is a crucial practice in any business that helps apply knowledge of processes, skills, and techniques to guarantee a strong course of success from the project's start to its end. This success is ensured by meeting goals and requirements. A few of the topics the Project Management section explores are:

  • Bid Preparation
  • Identifying Bid Opportunities
  • Understanding Blueprints and Work Specs
  • Estimating Assistance
  • Scheduling
Project Management


Risk Management and Safety is important in any construction project. DSA firmly believes in not only providing back-office and management assistance, but providing on-site safety support. Below are some topics covered in our Risk Management and Safety section:

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Tail-Gate Meetings
  • Safety Manuals in English & Spanish
  • Safety Seminars
  • On-Site Inspection Assessments
  • Equipment Training
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
Risk Management and Safety


Human Resource Management and its importance is frequently overlooked in the busy day-to-day of the workplace. DSA provides HR Outsourcing solutions to companies and contractors. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Customized Employee Handbooks
  • Anti-Harassment Seminars
  • HR Consulting Support
  • Job Succession Analysis
  • Diversity Training
  • Wage and Hour Analysis
Human Resource Management


Disaster Recovery is usually something people do not think about until its too late. DSA can keep your business prepared for emergencies by offering assistance in:

  • Applying for Small Business Loans
  • Backing Up Documents
  • Video Conferencing
  • Out of Office Procedures
Disaster Recovery