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By dsamllc, Jun 20 2018 08:38PM

It takes a considerable amount of effort to attract young people into the construction industry, but D. Samuels & Associates (DSA) is using experiential techniques to create a robust pipeline for the future. Recently several students from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Hire Houston Youth program participated in the Houston independent School District (HISD) Construction Career Combine where they were tested on their knowledge of the industry during a creative job interview. From hammering a nail, to analyzing blueprints, students had a chance to show off their skills with a series of challenges created by D. Samuels & Associates.

By dsamllc, Aug 31 2016 02:22PM

We have had the pleasure of hosting two fabulous interns this summer, Evelyn Castro of Boston University and Larry Williams of Texas A&M University. These students dedicated their summer to D. Samuels & Associates, and were a true asset to the HISD Labor Compliance Program! We couldn’t have asked for a better pair of students dedicated to assisting our team and the HISD Contractors.

This summer each of our interns has been working on a project to leave behind as their legacy at DSA. We asked both Evelyn and Larry about their project details and overall experiences this summer at DSA. Check out the interviews below:

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