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By dsamllc, Aug 14 2017 02:32PM

Interest in using Big Data to solve construction operation and workforce issues is growing.

Big data uses information from multiple sources to draw business conclusions, and D. Samuels & Associates (DSA) assists construction contractors in making better service delivery decisions by harnessing Big Data’s power and showing clients how to use it to enhance their operations.

By dsamllc, May 12 2016 04:15PM

“Many companies are fearful of analyzing big data because of the mammoth amounts of information that comes in the form of design and scope updates, manpower coordination, equipment and materials coordination, budget management and project communication is intimidating, because we don’t know how to incorporate it back into our companies,” says DSA Program Manager Germaine Gray. “The seminar we developed with the Houston Independent School District Business Assistant Department is a non-threatening way of eliminating the fear of technology and project reporting by teaching clients how using data opens meaningful discussions. ”

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