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Saying Goodbye to Our Summer Interns

By dsamllc, Aug 31 2016 02:22PM

We have had the pleasure of hosting two fabulous interns this summer, Evelyn Castro of Boston University and Larry Williams of Texas A&M University. These students dedicated their summer to D. Samuels & Associates, and were a true asset to the HISD Labor Compliance Program! We couldn’t have asked for a better pair of students dedicated to assisting our team and the HISD Contractors.

This summer each of our interns has been working on a project to leave behind as their legacy at DSA. We asked both Evelyn and Larry about their project details and overall experiences this summer at DSA. Check out the interviews below:

Give a brief overview of your project:

L: “I'm creating a collection of videos to assist contractors who have questions about LCPTracker. The videos include commonly asked questions concerning information on documents and recertifying payrolls.”

E: “I wanted to make an impact on the community, so I decided to create an informational pocket pamphlet that would educate workers on their rights regardless of citizenship status.”

How do you feel it will impact DSA and our partners?

L: “The volume of phone calls should decrease and contractors will be more informed on how to use LCPTracker.”

E: “I feel that the pamphlet will enrich the quality of workers and create a working environment that is more productive and safe for the community.”

What is your favorite part about working at DSA?

L: “My favorite part was working with the data to finding different trends between contractors and projects.”

E: “I feel that I have learned so much from my coworkers and benefited from the diversity of the company. DSA has allowed me to be innovative when it comes to finding solutions, and created a safe environment that challenged me to see the big picture.”

What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

L: “My biggest challenge was time management of projects, presentations, and reports. I had to learn how to prioritize all of them.”

E: “My biggest challenge was learning how to manage projects and how to prioritize projects with deadlines. I am use to having a syllabus to outline projects, so having to figure it out on my own was a challenge for me. I overcame the issue by asking my supervisor on how best to delegate my work and schedule out time for each project

If you could leave advice for next year’s interns, what would you say?

L: “Be prepared to pay close attention to detail and any trends that you may come across in the data. Try to take as much as you can from the book assignments, I found them to be very informative.”

E: “Communication us key, do not be afraid to ask questions. Also do not be afraid to add your opinion if you want to try something new. Be innovative!”

Sadly the summer is quickly coming to an end and they must leave us to continue their studies. We wish them great success in their future endeavors, and hope that their experiences at DSA have been beneficial to their education and career goals. They will be greatly missed.

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