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How Big Data Is Going To Change Your Business

By dsamllc, Aug 14 2017 02:32PM

Interest in using Big Data to solve construction operation and workforce issues is growing.

Big data uses information from multiple sources to draw business conclusions, and D. Samuels & Associates (DSA) assists construction contractors in making better service delivery decisions by harnessing Big Data’s power and showing clients how to use it to enhance their operations.

Currently, DSA manages the Houston Independent School District (HISD) Labor Compliance Program whose responsibility is to enhance compliance, workforce and project delivery efficiency and effectiveness on HISD 2012 Bond-funded projects by sharing labor data collected with participating HISD contractors.

DSA’s big data taskforce team made up of staff specialists in IT, MIS and GIS gathers, analyzes and reports labor compliance data from multiple sources. “We challenge, empower and showcase the abilities our young staff members by allowing them to work collectively and develop innovative solutions using Big Data pulled from the 2012 HISD Bond Projects,” stated DSA Managing Partner Darryl Samuels.

“The greatest value of the data is that it forces us to notice what we never expected to see," added DSA Big Data Taskforce team lead, Lonnisha Carrier.

To date the Big Data Task Force has completed analysis for Grady and Worthing (Phase I). Next up is North Early and South Early High Schools.

Be on the lookout for DSA’s advancement in big data in addition to innovative programs and services that can benefit your construction management. Contact us today at 713.870.2459 to learn more about how these added value programs can be incorporated in your company!

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