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DSA Begins HISD Project Close Out with Division One

By dsamllc, Jan 18 2019 08:27PM

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, D. Samuels & Associates (DSA) began the close out process for the labor compliance portion of the HISD 2012 bond program schools starting with projects contracted to Division One Construction.

DSA has developed an interactive presentation on how to use labor data extracted from certified payrolls, site condition surveys and site worker interviews to identify marketable and profitable trends in multiple areas including construction costs, staffing/hiring patterns and employee retention. By showing project owners and companies how to capitalize on analytical data collected from their job sites we can reach our goal to enhance construction project delivery.

We appreciate Todd Callaway, Todd Hamby and Laura Casanover from Division One for their cooperation in rounding out the labor compliance portion of their HISD Bond Program projects.

As the 2012 Bond Projects continue to close, DSA will me meeting with the project prime contractors to discover what their labor data says about their projects. In the coming weeks, we will also be conducting Data Day workshops teaching current contractors how to benefit from their labor data.

Contact us today at 713.870.2459 to learn more about how these added value programs can be incorporated in your company.

D. Samuels & Associates, a local construction management firm, manages the Labor Compliance component for the Houston Independent School District 2012 Bond Program.

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