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DSA's Wellness Day

By dsamllc, Jun 21 2017 01:59PM

Workplace wellness is becoming increasingly important in today’s professional world. With Global Wellness Day being celebrated around the world in over 100 countries during the month of June, D. Samuels & Associates (DSA) reached out to health professionals to challenge our employees to start thinking about the benefits of living a health conscious life.

On Friday, June 16 2017, DSA hosted its first company wellness day with health and wellness coach David Scott and fitness coach Glennetta Williams. Together they created an enlightening group session on the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

"I learned many valuable things that I can't wait to add to my daily routine," said data analyst Larry Williams.

“The presentation was a friendly and encouraging experience,” added junior auditor Nicole Bird. “They taught simple changes and substitutes that lead to a healthier lifestyle.”

The overall response to the program was outstanding. Each DSA team member walked away with new knowledge and an eagerness to achieve their health and wellness goals. Thank you to our coaches David and Glennetta for empowering us all to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We look forward to applying the tools provided to us, and will be marking our calendars in preparation for Global Wellness Day 2018.

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