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Construction Business Administration Workshop

By dsamllc, Jul 18 2017 03:46PM

The Houston Independent School District Labor Compliance Program (HISD-LCP) monitored by D. Samuels & Associates, LLC (DSA) hosted a Construction Administrative Back Office Seminar for participating HISD 2012 Bond Program subcontractors on Thursday July 13, 2017. We were able to encourage superior progress reporting by enhancing participants’ back office skills (HR, Payroll, Accounting, Tax and Operations Planning) through personable, high quality hands-on training.

Participants enhanced their sills in several areas such as hiring, retaining, and rewarding personnel, as well as boosting payroll reporting skills, synchronizing accounting and payroll software, and using labor data as a competitive advantage. Our Speakers Yolonda Gaines from MG Training Services, Germaine Gray from DSA, Erika Munoz from the US Department of Labor, and Nate Causley from Global Tax Centers brought a full day of valuable information for HISD contractors.

DSA plans to continue hosting back office seminars and strongly encourage our HISD contractors, construction owners, HR directors, accounting and payroll specialists to attend.

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