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By dsamllc, Dec 14 2017 04:51PM

Nearly 30 Scarborough High School students participated in the beta test of D. Samuels & Associates’ (DSA) Construction Career Combine on Wednesday December 13, 2017. Students were assessed using both traditional and nontraditional methods measuring their construction skills.

By dsamllc, Aug 15 2017 02:11PM

Our interns represented DSA at the Hire Houston Youth luncheon! Great thanks to Sylvester Turner and Hire Houston Youth for providing such a great group of students this summer!

By dsamllc, Aug 14 2017 02:32PM

Interest in using Big Data to solve construction operation and workforce issues is growing.

Big data uses information from multiple sources to draw business conclusions, and D. Samuels & Associates (DSA) assists construction contractors in making better service delivery decisions by harnessing Big Data’s power and showing clients how to use it to enhance their operations.

By dsamllc, Jul 21 2017 03:00PM

Last but not least, meet our intern Maddie Patterson from University of Houston! We've got another great group this summer.

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