D. Samuels & Associates, LLC. (DSA) is offering a follow up program to the Construction Career Combine. Individuals will be given the opportunity to participate in our workforce development program, DSA's $Million Blueprint as part of Construction Resource Development.

The DSA's $1,000,000 Blueprint teaches participants the major components of acquiring a million dollars working in the Construction industry.

The course consists of five modules that include the following sessions:

0) Skill Assessment

1) Construction Careers

2) Saving/Investing

3) Real Estate

4) Owning/Selling a Business.

All Classes are from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location TBD

Each module is tentatively scheduled for one week (2 sessions per module) with time built in for overruns of any module.The participants will earn a badge related to the successful completion of the module(s).  


The modules are delivered in an interactive format, where participants get the tools, know-how, and confidence to take the next step in their quest.


The program combines the best of classroom learning with real-life examples, including the one most important to them: their own employment experiences. The aim is to build on that experience and help them sustain their livelihoods, grow their careers and make $1,000,000 along the way.

Criteria for the Program:  

•Legitimate interest in construction

•Must be 18 years and older (Minors must have additional approval)

•Pass drug and background checks

•Access to reliable transportation

Inquire Stage: The $1,000,000 blueprint will begin the week immediately following the combine, and will consist of a second placement opportunity after completion of the program.

There is no cost.

Why Participate in the DSA $1,000,000 Blueprint?

Construction plays a significant role in economic development in the United States and the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Unfortunately, understanding of the industry and its processes are often limited. Successful career minded people searching for viable career options need the proper tools to maintain fiscal stability, as well as retain employment and advance in their careers creating jobs for themselves and others. Economic development in our community is a priority. With these facts in mind, DSA and our many partners and stakeholders have come together to conduct one of the most important educational programs in Houston.

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