Duties include:

Creating job opportunities in the construction market to help suitable candidates get acquainted with these opportunities. Job developers work as an interface or a mediator between the employers and the job seekers and know the interests and requirements of the job seekers and help them get job opportunities. Work requires independent judgement, attention to detail, and knowledge of the construction market. General direction is received from the Project Manager.

Essential Functions:

  • Coordinate With the owners and human resource personnel from several organizations and note down the jobs available With them and the kind of candidate they are looking for
  • Communicate with several job seekers and make note of the expectation from the job in terms of responsibilities, salary and Career Scope
  • Perform Career Counseling to job Seekers and help them make appropriate Career decisions
  • Assist the job seekers in developing a resume and conduct mock interview for the job seekers to help them get a real experience of facing an interview and answering spontaneously
  • Provide feedback to the rejected candidates and help them upgrade their qualifications and correct their mistakes While making further job applications
  • Extend special guidance to disabled job seekers and ensure they are provided with the favorable Work environment suiting their special requirements by the recruiters

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Familiarity and comfort using Word Excel, PowerPoint, ACT and the Internet
  • Interpersonal and interviewing skills
  • Research method and report presentation. Creating charts, graphs, statistical models to present data database management

Ability to:

  • Effectively communicate company and project goals
  • Coordinate with professionals from different backgrounds, working at different levels
  • Articulate human resource management and recruitment procedures
  • Read, comprehend, and make references from Written materials
  • Establish public relations and building up employment network
  • Establish familiarity With variety of professions, its responsibilities and the required qualifications
  • Updated knowledge about the job openings in all sectors and ability to access all sources providing information about job openings
  • Run and operate database systems
  • Coordinate outreach activities and Workin a team environment


  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Critical thinker with attention to detail, and strong problem solving skills.