Inspects construction to assure Compliance With Contract documents, specifications and building Codes.

Examples of Duties:

  • Inspects Construction progress which may include ensuring procedures and materials
  • Comply With specifications; observes Work in progress to assure Conformance With requirements and acceptable Workmanship.
  • Reviews contract plans and specifications for compliance With appropriate building Codes and project requirements.
  • Prepares reports.
  • Reviews existing mechanical systems for Safety requirements.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of building Construction, materials and methods,
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all applicable building codes and of electrical, plumbing, mechanical and related Codes.
  • Skill in reading and interpreting plans and specifications to compare them with construction in progress.
  • Skill in both Verbal and Written communication.
  • Ability to communicate Well at all levels of the organization.

Minimum Qualifications:

Three (3) years of experience in commercial construction, which includes one (1) year of experience as an inspector, OR, Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience from Which Comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved; AND, One (1) Certification by the International Code Council (ICC/ICBO), e.g. Building Inspector, Plumbing Code, Electrical Code, Mechanical Code, Plans Review, AND, Ability to obtain one (1) additional ICC/ICBO certification within five (5) months of hire and maintain throughout employment, to equal a minimum of two (2) Certifications, One of Which must be a Building Inspector Certification.