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Job Title - Construction Inspection


Inspects construction to assure Compliance With Contract documents, specifications and building Codes.



Examples of Duties:


Inspects Construction progress which may include ensuring procedures and materials


Comply With specifications; observes Work in progress to assure Conformance With requirements and acceptable Workmanship.


Reviews contract plans and specifications for compliance With appropriate building Codes and project requirements.


Prepares reports.


Reviews existing mechanical systems for Safety requirements.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Comprehensive knowledge of building Construction, materials and methods,


Comprehensive knowledge of all applicable building codes and of electrical, plumbing, mechanical and related Codes.


Skill in reading and interpreting plans and specifications to compare them with construction in progress.


Skill in both Verbal and Written communication.


Ability to communicate Well at all levels of the organization.



Minimum Qualifications:


Three (3) years of experience in commercial construction, which includes one (1) year of experience as an inspector, OR, Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience from Which Comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved; AND, One (1) Certification by the International Code Council (ICC/ICBO), e.g. Building Inspector, Plumbing Code, Electrical Code, Mechanical Code, Plans Review, AND, Ability to obtain one (1) additional ICC/ICBO certification within five (5) months of hire and maintain throughout employment, to equal a minimum of two (2) Certifications, One of Which must be a Building Inspector Certification.  



    Construction Inspection