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Coordinating management books with movies and board games is a common staple DSA uses to energize employee morale and performance.  This method has also been used to develop, build and manage profitable lives, careers and projects in and outside of the organization.


The proven success has allowed DSA to develop this concept into a Business Development Program entitled REEL LIFE, REAL BUSINESS!


REEL LIFE, REAL BUSINESS delivers a unique training experience by showing, rather than telling, participants how to achieve their goals in competitive environments.  


Advantages include:

Movies create a useful way of viewing, analyzing, and discussing common management challenges.

Business leaders praise films concerned with ethical and personal conflicts, portrayed by realistic characters, who deal with fundamental issues.


Board games provide a fun, inexpensive way to incorporate theory into practice.


We inspire clients.  Each month a new Reel Life, Real Business Blog will be posted for your business viewing pleasure, so get your popcorn ready as we journey down the road to success.  We look forward to your company.    

Good movies teach!



REEL LIFE, REAL BUSINESS CASE STUDY:  Get In Where You Fit In: Understanding Organizational Socialization


In our quest to establish a career, we sometimes take jobs and assignments without anticipating or understanding how we fit into the organization.  It can be a hit or miss.  Understanding the organizational socialization process that employers and employees go through may smooth out the bumps as we pursue career advancement.  


Organizational Socialization is a powerful process by which people learn the content of an organization's culture.  It affects individual behavior and helps shape and maintain the organization's culture.  Organizational socialization happens in three stages.  The product of one stage becomes the input to the next stage.  


Anticipatory Socialization is the first stage of socialization a person experiences.  This stage happens before a person joins an organization or takes a new job in the same organization.  The anticipatory stage builds expectations about what it is like to work for the organization.  The Entry/Encounter stage occurs after entering into the organization.  A new employee learns whether his or her expectations are consistent with the reality of organization life.  


Change takes place during the encounter stage, as it flows and blends into the Metamorphosis stage.  If a new employee has successfully resolved the demands of the multiple sources of socialization, he or she begins to feel comfortable in their new role.  If not, their tenure will be very short.  


The following films (which can be purchased on have scenes that give a range of portrayals of different aspects of organizational socialization:  











The trailer from “The Firm” shows the early stages of socialization.  Scene from “The Hudsucker Proxy” shows a new employee's encounter with an organization and “The Devil Wears Prada” shows the transformation of an employee moving up the career ladder.  

































What’s the culture of your organization?  Name three strategies you would use to welcome and retain a new employee into your company?  Like us on Facebook to respond.  


Think you know the people you work with?  Then play a round of Scruples – The Game of Moral Dilemmas which you can download for free from the Apple App Store or purchase directly from  


Scruples — The Game of Moral Dilemmas


Scruples is a party game where people get together in the same room  for stimulating conversation and laughter to play by making players sweat as they ask each other what they would do in a moral predicament and earn points by predicting how their friends/co-workers will answer (Yes, No, or Depends)..

There are no right or wrong answers, and bluffing is encouraged.

Play a round and let us know what the outcome is by liking us on Facebook.  




The Houston Independent School District Labor Compliance Program monitored by D. Samuels & Associates, LLC. (DSA) is offering a follow up program to the Construction Career Combine. Individuals will be given the opportunity to participate in our workforce development program, DSA's $Million Blueprint as part of Construction Resource Development.


The DSA's $1,000,000 Blueprint  teaches participants the major components of acquiring a million dollars working in the Construction industry.  


The course consists of five modules that include the following sessions:

0) Skill Assessment

1) Construction Careers

2) Saving/Investing

3) Real Estate

4) Owning/Selling a Business.


All Classes are from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location TBD


Each module is tentatively scheduled for one week (2 sessions per module) with time built in for overruns of any module.  The participants will earn a badge related to the successful completion of the module(s).  

DSA $1,000,000 Blueprint



Criteria for the Program:  


•Legitimate interest in construction

•Must be 18 years and older (Minors must have additional approval)

•Pass drug and background checks

•Access to reliable transportation


Inquire Stage: The Construction Carreer Combine is scheduled for February 15, 2018. The $1,000,000 blueprint will begin the week immediately following the combine, and will consist of a second placement opportunity after completion of the program.


There is no cost.


Why Participate in the DSA $1,000,000 Blueprint?


Construction plays a significant role in economic development in the United States and the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Unfortunately, understanding of the industry and its processes are often limited. Successful career minded people searching for viable career options need the proper tools to maintain fiscal stability, as well as retain employment and advance in their careers creating jobs for themselves and others.  Economic development in our community is a priority. With these facts in mind, DSA and our many partners and stakeholders have come together to conduct one of the most important educational programs in Houston.  


Getting Started



Referrals Welcome!


*For more information please contact Darryl Samuels at 713.870.2459 or via e-mail at

To Register for the initial Construction Career Combine *Click Here*

DSA $1,000,000 Blueprint


The modules are delivered in an interactive format, where participants get the tools, know-how, and confidence to take the next step in their quest.  


The program combines the best of classroom learning with real-life examples, including the one most important to them: their own employment experiences. The aim is to build on that experience and help them sustain their livlihoods, grow their careers and make $1,000,000 along the way.


$1,000,000 Blueprint:

Construction Careers

$1,000,000 Blueprint:

Real Estate Wealth Generators

Watch DSA $1,000,000 Blueprint Podcast