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Labor Compliance Auditor *Internship available


Duties include reviewing  contractors’ and sub-contractors’ payroll related records in order to confirm that that they are in compliance with standards or regulations imposed by guidelines or by state or federal government. The Labor Compliance Auditor is responsible for ensuring that contractors are adhering to any federal and state regulations relevant to the Labor Compliance Program. This includes recommending changes to current procedures or practices by contractors or sub-contractors that are not in compliance with stated regulations.


Essential Functions


Conducts audits of contractors and subcontractors, reviewing and verifying certified copies of contractors’ payroll records, and reviewing other construction records, logs, and reports for compliance with regulations and State Labor Codes, completeness, and indications of noncompliance, to ensure that regulations guidelines are being followed and regulations are being met by the contractors.


Determine the amount of restitutions and penalties for non-compliance


Recommends and prepares “Notice to withhold” documents in order to stop payment to contractors found to be in violation of the Prevailing Wage requirements and prepares “Release of Notice to withhold” documents to allow for payment to contractors found to be in compliance with the Prevailing Wage requirements.


Receives complaints and allegations of possible Labor Code and Labor Compliance Program violations by contractors and sub-contractors from a variety of sources, conduct investigations, identify and evaluate problems and make recommendations.


Responds to technical questions regarding prevailing wage rates and compliant processing requirements from contractors, sub-contractors, and recommends solutions to minor complaints regarding Labor Code violations.


Keeps track of any violations reported against a contractor or a sub-contractor, and actions taken.


Prepares reports concerning the Labor Compliance Program violations.


Monitors receipt of wages and penalties paid by out-of-compliance contractors and sub-contractors provide quarterly reports.


Other related duties as assigned.



Required Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Knowledge of:


Federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines pertinent to prevailing wage requirements in public works


Employment practices in the Construction industry.


Office practices and procedures.


Familiarity and comfort using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and accessing Internet


Ability to:


Work independently with minimal direction


Learn, understand, interpret, and apply laws, rules, and procedures related to prevailing wage requirements


Conduct investigations, identify and evaluate problems and analyze facts


Identify, interpret, and analyze discrepancies in construction logs, records, and related documents.


Maintain confidentiality in assessing confidential information.


Utilize Microsoft Excel to compute arithmetic calculations




Strong interpersonal and organizational skills


Critical thinker with attention to detail


Education and Experience

At least a Bachelor degree in accounting, business management or Finance; and two (2) years of technical experience in monitoring works pertaining to Labor Compliance.

    Auditor (Labor Compliance)