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Labor data is a terrible thing to waste!

For the most part your business runs very well. You attract clients and provide a product or service as promised. What you may not know is that your operations could be leaking profits from some very unexpected areas… your timesheets. It’s a fact that profit comes from one or two places – increased revenue or decreased expenses. Successful construction firms rely on effective data management pulled from timesheets and certified payrolls to increase profits and increasingly on its’ interpretation to slash expenses.

A Case for Labor Analytics

What if there was a way to know for sure that you were maximizing every dollar found on your timesheets? What if there was a firm that had specialized expertise to look for ways to lower your costs and increase your efficiencies and what if the services of such a firm could locate other qualified skilled workers by using your timesheets? You would have to take a look, wouldn’t you?

DSA has been helping firms control their labor costs since 2011. We have developed proprietary savings strategies and a nationwide service network along with cutting-edge technologies and tools. If you would like to learn more about DSA’s Labor Compliance & Data Analytical services or receive a free, no -obligation evaluation of your timesheets and certied payrolls, contact Darryl Samuels at 713.870.2459 or visit DSA on the Web at

Saving our clients’ money is our only motivation and the primary way we get paid. With that mind-set we developed a host of unique ways to save our clients money and help them recoup labor costs. We are one of the only true construction management firms that trains construction companies to use the data compiled from timesheets and certified payrolls into their daily operations in the country. Our consultants have years of experience in the construction data analytics business and can analyze any aspect of your project’s workforce and operational expenses. We tailor our recommendations to your specific needs. Ask yourself, with this mind-set, what do I have to lose by contacting DSA to learn more?

Successful savings in a construction business starts with an understanding of how the industry really works. There are firms out there today that might suggest that you can save money by switching their services to them. There are firms that act as brokers for large national services, but when you stop to think about it, is their motivation saving you money, or getting your business?

Do you know what is hidden in your timesheets?

But do you really know how to use data to maximize your operation?

Maybe it seems easy enough, but our expertise tells us something different.

Let’s build together!

DSA has the expertise and the tools.

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